Suspect your partner of cheating on you? Perhaps your relationship is suffering as trust between you both has broken down? Maybe abuse, addiction issues or other family accusations are being made. Confidential lie detector tests have proven to resolve such disputes, putting couples on the path to resolving their issues, and healing.

Couples Lie Detector Test
Many relationships may seem problematic, but in reality are far from broken. People generally have a range of traumas and trust issues, which can negatively affect relationships if left unaddressed.

Feedback from couples shows that for loving couples with trust issues, a couples lie detector test actually can improve relationships, putting distrust behind them.

Theft or Fraud


When theft or fraud is identified, be it in a private or business situation, all trust breaks down until the perpetrator is identified and dealt with appropriately.

Oftentimes businesses will hire a professional Polygraph tester to interview employees, sending a message that theft is not acceptable.



Anyone who has managed a company knows that your employees can make or break your business. Dishonest staff can run a company into the ground, ruining many people’s livelihood in the process.

Many businesses today operate in ‘sensitive’ areas, such as those related to cyber security, and government agencies. In these types of cases more stringent pre-screening may be required.

Child Care


You can never be too safe with your child’s safety. How much is that worth to you? For a facility or for your personal home. There is no such thing as being too careful when choosing a carer for your children.

This is why we are noticing an increase in Lie Detection Polygraph testing for child care, nannies, baby sitters, and hose sitters, and house keepers.

News & Media


Penelope is available for news, media, television, and online social media appearances. When you are seeking a presentable female Polygraph Examiner the choice is clear.



Penelope Polygraph provides expert assistance in investigations of any nature. Our highly trained examiners perform accurate polygraph tests on the accused and provide proven results.

When providing Lie Detection Examinations for legal investigations, our staff can maintain records of the interview(s), and provide Expert Witness testimony in a court of law.


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